Hello everyone, welcome to Stream of Gorgeousness!

My inspiration for this blog comes primarily from the writing style “stream of consciousness”, which is a narrative form of writing that shows the multi-dimensional aspects of a person’s thought process. The gorgeousness part is just a heads up of the fashion and fun to come. My blog will hopefully show you a little bit about  a lot of me; and just like your own mind is jumping around from dinner ideas to paint colors, I’ll be hopping from topic to topic. Whichever way the stream is flowing.

I’m a newlywed and newly inducted into the “army wives club”. My husband is stationed at Fort Campbell in Kentucky, so its southern living for this west coast girl. I’m a college grad (VUSC! GO LIONS!) and a former All-American high jumper. I’m also a licensed Zumba instructor. I spend a lot of my free time perusing Pinterest and other websites looking for my next project. (In a perfect world, I’d have far less free time due to employment, but what can you do, right?) Thus far my skills include cooking, crocheting, sketching, and painting. I’m also working on adding photography, gardening, and sewing to my repertoire.

If you got this far, I commend you. (I, personally, think About Me sections are a big snore.) Hopfeully, you enjoy the site and thanks for stopping by.  


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