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The Toilet-Scrubbing Diaries

7 Jan

Ever so often (in a perfect world – weekly), the glamorous life of rocking my baby and eating bonbons must come to a halt in order to do one gruesome chore…clean the bathrooms. In our last two apartments, we only had one bathroom, so a quick spruce up took all of about five minutes and a full on clean took about ten or fifteen. Now, we have two and a half bathrooms, so I get to spend nearly an hour marching around with my cleaning supplies scrubbing toilets. Don’t get me wrong, I honestly don’t mind housework. The dishes don’t bother me one bit, and I down-right enjoy doing laundry, but cleaning bathrooms is my housewife kryptonite.

Anyway, I’d gotten a little lazy with my bathroom cleaning schedule with the holidays and running into some sort of cold/flu illness. Needless to say, it had been a little while (cough cough – a month, yikes!). Trust me, my mother taught me better than that. So this week, I begrudgingly gathered my cleaning supplies and set off while Titus took a nap. As I was cleaning, I had a variety of thoughts and I decided to jot them down in a stream of consciousness sort of manner, which I have fondly dubbed The Toilet-Scrubbing Diaries. (It was going to be just The Toilet Diaries, but I didn’t want it to sound like I wrote them while actually using the toilet…but I digress.) I guess I should take this time to note that Jeremy uses the second full bathroom to get ready in the mornings so he doesn’t wake up Titus and I. It’s basically just “his” bathroom.

Ugh, I wonder if everybody hates cleaning bathrooms as much as I do.
Where does all this dust come from?
I don’t know why Jeremy bought that one-ply toilet paper, but he can use it himself.
I wonder if I never cleaned Jeremy’s bathroom if he would ever notice.
Why doesn’t he throw away the empty mouthwash bottle?
How many diapers did we get in that trash can? New record, I think.
I wonder why Jeremy doesn’t throw away his razor caps.
Why does he have four razor caps and only one razor?
There’s no toothbrush holder in this bathroom, how does Jeremy live like this?
Should I clean the shower that no one uses? Nah.
Do guys ever actually hit the water when they pee?
Dang, I forgot the glass cleaner for the mirrors. I’ll just come back. Nah.
Man, we have a lot of hair care products and body washes in the shower. (There’s 9)
Finally done! Victory! Now I want to be the first one to use the clean shower.