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8 Fun Wedding Photos to Have

17 May

As promised, I’m going to post some of the more humorous photos from our wedding. I only specifically asked for a few of these, and the others were the photographer having fun. Given my personality, I would have loved to have a lot more crazy ones. But us girls took so much time getting dolled up, we ended up putting my photographer in a time crunch. Whoops! Anyway here goes…

1. The groom helping his best man get pinned


2. The best man getting the groom psyched up


3.The bride and the best man fighting for the grooms attention


(P.S. That is an actual grimace from Jeremy, not a pose.)

4. The flower girl doing something candid and unplanned


(Apparently she didn’t know the pastor was going to be there. She was pretty excited to see him.)

5. An unusual group photo


6. The bridesmaids having fun with the groom


And my two favorites are…

7. The bridesmaids acting like groomsmen


8. The groomsmen acting like bridesmaids