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How-To-Make Plarn Photo Tutorial

24 Jun

Since I posted my beach bag tutorial, I thought I’d also do a quick one about how to make the “plarn” aka plastic yarn. I used old grocery bags to do this, and if you’re like me (meaning you really need to get some reusable shopping bags) then you’ll have a plethora of these lying around.

What you’ll need:
Plastic grocery bags

First thing you do is collect your bags. I like to keep all my bags from the same store together so my plarn is all the same color. You could definitely mix them up though to get a different effect in the plarn when you’re crocheting. Here’s about half of what’s shoved under my kitchen sink.


First, take a single bag and lay it out flat.


Then, fold it in half lengthwise…


…And in half again twice more.


Cut off the top handles and the seam at the bottom.


Then cut the main section of the bag into about 1-inch sections.


Take two sections and unfold them.


Make a half-hitch knot with the two loops and gently tighten it.




Continue adding to one end of the plarn and roll into a ball as you extend. You should end up with something like this.


Now you’re ready to go! You will definitely need a larger hook (Size K or bigger) to work with this stuff. It’s more challenging than yarn, so be prepared to do smaller sections of work at a time because your wrists might get tired. Happy Crocheting!