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Must Have Maxi with Mom

23 May

While at home, I had a sudden craving for a new wardrobe item. I have a tendency to think of something that doesn’t necessarily exist and scour department stores looking for it. My mother can attest to this, since she once had to make me an Easter dress because white with polka dots was nowhere to be found that season. Anyway, this craving was for a colorful maxi skirt. Normally this would be an easy thing to find, especially considering those are trendy right now. But, I’m also notoriously cheap, and since I’m not working right now, I couldn’t justify anything outside of Ross pricing. So I decided to do it myself, and put my sewing skills to the test. (My sewing experience up to this point stopped at making pajama pants.) I found a “simple looking” tutorial on Pinterest and away I went. If you want to give it a try, here is a link to her blog.

My skirts turned out super cute as you can see…



(You’ll have to excuse the wrinkles…I hate ironing.)

My only problem along the way was that I couldn’t stretch the thick elastic as far as it should have been stretched and I ended up making this random, weird fold-and-tuck technique on the first one. You can’t see it, but deep in my heart (and next to my waist), I know it’s there and I know it’s weird.


Around this time my mom found some fabric and decided to make a skirt as well. She’s a much more experienced seamstress than I, so I felt pretty relieved when she couldn’t get the elastic to stretch that far either. However, instead of shoving the material in the sewing machine and hoping for the best like I did, she used a real technique. She did four gathering stitches (easy video tutorial here) around the top, and cinched the skirt evenly so she didn’t have to pull quite so hard on the elastic. Now, it’s important that you do pull some, or else the waistband will have no stretch to it when you try to get it on. It’s not perfect but it looks so much neater.


Another comment I might add is the width of the elastic. The 3-inch elastic is recommended because it doesn’t roll on you. However, I start feeling a little claustrophobic with that much around my waist, so I traded my mom my 3-inch elastic for her 2-inch elastic, and I personally think its much more comfortable. Altogether, the two new skirts cost me less than $10 each including the elastic. If you’re like me, you’ll need accessories to go with your new treasures. (I swear, I’m like the ‘If You Give A Moose A Muffin’ books) So what i did was get a little extra fabric and made a headband.