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Putting away my Precious Boots

29 May

Over the long weekend, I finally got a project going that I’ve been meaning to start since last November. It really all started when we moved into our tiny apartment with a pretty pathetic excuse for a walk-in closet. I’d dreamed of the day when I’d have my very own walk-in, so I was a tad disappointed to see that my new closet was more of a stand-in. Regardless, I had a ton of shoes to get in there, and my boots were sagging all over the precious floor space. So I went to Walmart in search of…Pool Noodles! Of course, they just looked at me like I was nuts, because why would they carry pool toys in the winter? So a few days ago, the pool noodle display caught my eye. So I got my boot stuffers just in time to put my boots away for spring.


My husband cut them into quarters for me. He jumped at the chance to get to use his good hunting knife in the house. (You could definitely cut these with just a box cutter or scissors though.)


Naturally, I had to make them fabulous. So I got out the leopard duct tape that I bought in November for this project. I ended up having to get a second roll, because I had to mail a few things and apparently I only have one roll of tape in my apartment.



Now my boots are standing tall.