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Looking for a Military Wedding Garter?

1 Jun

Today I wanted to give a small shout-out that I’ve been meaning to give for almost a year now. It’s to the woman who did my wedding garter. I was bound and determined to surprise Jeremy and get an army themed garter. I looked around a bit at the traditional wedding stores, but the most impressive (and actually, not too expensive) garters were from Military Sweet Things.

She is a military wife herself, and she makes absolutely the most gorgeous garters. My brother-in-law is a Marine and my brother is a Navy seaman, and you can bet I’ll be getting both of their ‘wives to be’ one of these when the bridal shower rolls around. Even if you don’t end up wearing a garter (I didn’t because my dress was too fitted), they’re beautiful keepsakes not only of your wedding but commemoration to time spent in the service. You can definitely go to her site and see for yourself. Even better, if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, she’ll do a custom order. I custom ordered my set and they arrived with plenty of time for the wedding. She even put his unit emblem on it.


So, if you’re looking for a military-themed garter, check out Military Sweet Things.

Welcome with a Wedding

16 May

Today I am officially welcoming myself to the wonderful world of WordPress. This isn’t my first blog, but I’m excited to make the switch from Blogger. From what I read, it’s the best decision I’ll ever make (at least in terms of blogging). I’ve decided that my first post will be about my wedding. Yes, it’s a rather dramatic way to make an entrance, but it’s been the biggest deal in my life over the past year. Also, who doesn’t love looking at super expensive photos?

A little about me and my wonderful husband Jeremy…

Our little love story dates back to about the 1960’s when my grandparents and his grandparents became part of the same church home group. Obviously, neither Jeremy nor I were even thought of at that point. However, 50 years down the road, I met his grandparents at my own grandparents’ 50th anniversary party. His grandpa was scheming from that moment on to get us together. However, Jeremy was already in the Army and living in Kentucky, and I was happily living rent-free in my parent’s basement in Washington. Then along comes…his mother! Knowing her now, it seems so fitting that she would be the driving force to Jeremy and I meeting. In fact, I believe she called him while he was on a date with someone else to insist that this would happen. As fate, (and our families) would have it, Jeremy and I began talking on Facebook, followed by texting, then Skype. Two months later, he managed to get some leave time to come home for his friend’s wedding and asked me to be his date. So in March 2012, we met for the first time, and I believe sometime in April, we started talking marriage.

Now, if you’re in the service or married to someone who is, you know that planning a wedding is not an easy task. I couldn’t set a date without his leave packet being approved, and on top of that he was supposed to be going to ranger school for 3 months in the middle of planning. I was just buying things as I found them and hoping that a fall theme made sense by the time the wedding rolled around. Meanwhile, he flew home and surprised me with an engagement ring.


This is not one of the expensive photos, by the way.

Anyway, here’s the expedited version of how things ended up happening, as if our story isn’t fast enough with six months between meeting and marriage. Ranger training cancelled. Leave approved. Booked a venue (The Monticello Hotel). Six weeks to plan, with me being on vacation for two of them. Craziness for the last two weeks. Then BAM! Wedding. Actually, it was more of a set-up, rehearsal, brunch, then wedding, all in one day sort of deal. It was so crazy I didn’t really remember until I saw the pictures later. And the next day, we hooked up the U-haul and drove across the country to Tennessee.

Now for a few classic photos (I’ll post the funnier ones separately)…







 And I believe the story ends with…and they lived happily ever after.