The Masa Bag

22 May

Since it’s almost summer, my crocheting urges have been at bay. (After crocheting Christmas presents for ten people, my hands were a bit worn-out.) Also, I had been crocheting so much, that I vowed not to buy anymore yarn. I managed to convince my sister to buy some yarn, so it didn’t count. I had been wanting to try a new pattern, so I made the Masa Bag for her in her favorite colors. It’s an easy pattern, and best of all, it’s free. You can find the link here

The most difficult part was folding it. Took me a couple tries. Here it is almost finished.



It also took me two tries to get the strap length right. The first one was way too long. I wanted it to be long enough to wear as a cross body satchel, but I definitely overestimated the length you need to accomplish that. Here’s the finished product.


I’m thinking I might line this with fabric to make it a little more user-friendly and durable. This means a trip to the craft store. Yippee!

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